Trivnet Trivnet provides the most secure and comprehensive Mobile Financial Services Solution in the market. By offering the full range of MFS products and services, Trivnet provides Mobile Network Operators and Banks with the tools they need to increase their customer base, enhance loyalty and drive revenue. Trivnet’s MFS Solution includes mobile banking, transfer, commerce, payment and remittance services. With Gemalto, Trivnet provides the most secure, user friendly and scalable MFS offering in the market. [...]



Sendm Sendm is the first social messaging solution for both personal and business use. Sendm adds the social and the aspects to mobile messaging and provides cross messaging between mobile and social networks.



3V 3V Transaction Services provides stored value accounts, standard and contactless payment cards, mobile payments and money-transfer services at a product and platform level to corporate clients internationally. Established as one of the leading providers in the market today, our record of delivering premier, custom-built technology to our clients assures we can meet the needs of any organisation requiring a partner for internal or consumer financial services programmes.



Ondot Ondot’s leadership team brings together executives from mobile, security, and payment card industries who share a vision of transforming how consumers interact with their Financial Institutions. Ondot’s white label solutions enable Financial Institutions to give consumers the security they want with the convenience they need. Ondot serves its customers via direct relationships as well as channel partnerships with several of the largest card processors in the United States, who serve over 10,000 Financial Institutions. [...]



Vesta Vesta Corporation is a leading provider of innovative electronic payment and fraud solutions for many of the world’s best known consumer brands. Using patented, proprietary fraud protection technology, Vesta has processed over $5 billion in transaction volume annually for products and services via operation centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Vesta’s new comprehensive payment gateway, vSafe, supports fraud-free credit and debit card acceptance through a powerful, easy to implement API. vSafe reviews transactions in real time, [...]